Posted on Jan 11, 2019

Aero Lock & Safe, Inc.

To update you on Bryan's health...this was one of the procedures Bryan had to undergo to allow medicines to be feed directly into the blood.
Bryan just started taking the vitamins (about 20 so far) to try to get his body's immune system back into a decent working condition. He has been so weak that he needs help getting around but has still fallen several times. He is on hospice.
PLEASE help with your donations and your prayers. He is only 30 years old and it's like losing my own son. We need help to buy more of the vitamins he needs to jumpstart his body and for better food like Organic vegetables, healthier grains, certain nuts, and more chicken and fish. He is avoiding anything fried (hamburgers/f-fries etc) and bleached (like pasta, white flour prod.) and anything that contains sugar (any type) except some fruit (berries, apples, oranges). His Go Fund Me is: "Doctor's sent Bryan home to die". Please help.
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